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North Bay - Stage 3 - Excellent 3 Unit Site Available

Stage 3 is now complete with titles issued.  The lots are pegged out. Landscaping is completed also. There are stunning water views over the saltmarsh and bay as well as rural views. 


The lots are of good size and mainly have 20 metre frontages. This enables more house width across the blocks and maximises the number of windows that can take in the views. There is currently one left on the market which is a potential unit site.


This is your chance to buy now and secure your future.  

Contact us and make your dream home a reality.

North Bay Subdivision Stage 3 Sale Prices & Plan


      Lot 90       SOLD      

 Lot 91        SOLD 

Lot 92        SOLD

Lot 93        SOLD

 Lot 94        SOLD 

Lot 95        SOLD

Lot 96           SOLD

Lot 97        SOLD

Lot 98        SOLD

Lot 99        SOLD

Lot 100      SOLD

Lot 113      SOLD

Lot 114      SOLD

Lot 115      SOLD

Lot 116      SOLD

Lot 117      SOLD

Boundaries now Adjusted 


Lot 95   Excellent  3 Unit Site Subject to Council Approval



Lot 96   Possible 2 Unit site

Subject to Council Approval


Stage 3 view

Stage 3 construction June 2017

Stage 3 construction June 2017

We   started constructing stages 17 and 18 in December 2017 

This is now complete with titles -  These are great new home sites with expansive water views.

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