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North Bay  Land - Stage 17 and 18 Now Finished With All Titles Issued

 These are now completed and all titles have been issued. The lots have been pegged out and numbered on the corner pegs for ease of viewing.  These are the southern extension of Tollard Drive and Enchantress streets respectively. The normal residential lots are larger on average than in previous stages most from 600m2 to over 800m2.  There are stunning water views over the Saltmarsh and Bay as well as rural views. The lots are of a good size and mainly have 20 metre frontages. This enables more house width across the blocks and maximises the number of windows that can take in the views. This is your chance to buy now and secure your future in this outstanding new section with even better water vistas than in the previous stages.

Lot 203 - 2 Maria Orr St. the only remaining lot for sale in this stage

and the price is $340,000.

No waiting for title the lot is ready for building now.


   Low Density Lots

There is one still available  in Stage 17 on the top side of Tollard Drive : Lot 28 - 194 Tollard Drive.

Each lot is designed with a generous building envelope between about 1,000 to 1,200 m2 in area  At the rear the 35 metre deep fuel reduction zones are a buffer between the North Bay residences and the native bushland on the hill face above.

This design provides a "backyard" area of light native vegetation, with a parkland feel. Many trees can be kept but with reduced density of understory plants.  If you like native plants and birds then this is ideal for you.

All this plus great views over the bay and saltmarsh at the mouth of the Clarence Plains rivulet and still less than 15 minutes from the city of Hobart.

North Bay New Stages : 17  18  16C  & Earlier 3 

North Bay Hobart Tasmania Land water vie

Stage 17 Prices


    Lot 13        Sold

     Lot 14        Sold

    Lot 15        Sold 

    Lot 24        Sold

    Lot 25        Sold

    Lot 26        Sold

    Lot 27        Sold

    Lot 28        Sold 

    Lot 203 / 2 Maria-Orr St. 


    Lot 202      Sold 

    Lot 201      Sold

    Lot 200      Sold 

    Lot 199      Sold

    Lot 198      Sold

    Lot 197      Sold

    Lot 196      Sold

    Lot 195      Sold 


Stage 17 Plan

DS Stage 17 V3.png

Detailed Survey 

Hobart land water views new homes

Sunrise North Bay Subdivision on 1st. April

Hobart new homes land water views

Movie of Autumn Sunrise at North Bay

home building water views Hobart Tasmani

We also have completed large low density lots available in :

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