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Lady Emma Court
The Lady Emma was a barque rig ship built in Hobart Town in 1848 by Peter Degraves.  She was a 202 ton boat with dimensions of 91.8 X 23.3 x 12.8 feet.  The barque sailed between Port Adelaide and Tasmania - Port Esperance and Garden Island. 


Captain Bowen was sailing Lady Emma from Southport for Port Adelaide when she hit the Actaeon Reef and she was beached at Recherche Bay in a leaking condition on the 29 August 1870.  The ketch Ester, SS Southern Cross and steamer Emu assisted with the salvage of  cargo of timber from Lady Emma and the Southern Cross took the damaged barque in tow to Hobart.  When the Lady Emma was slipped at Battery Point it was found that she had been damaged beyond economical repair and was abandoned to the underwariters.


After the barque was stripped of anything of value the hull was beached on the northern side of Sandy Bay where the yacht club of Tasmania now resides and she remained there for many years.

Figure 2: Lady Emma on right at the back of the picture

Pretyman, E.R. Brook Street Pier Currently Docked is the Steamer Monarch and Lady Emma, NS1013 -1-1622, Archives Office of Tasmania.

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