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                     North Bay Subdivision - How to Use Website

This high quality cutting edge subdivision is thoroughly outlined on the Website. Please use the Buttons on the top of each page or the Drop Down Menu on mobiles to navigate to up to the minute information. This includes available lots, prices and detailed plans with boundary and area measurementsfor each lot and stage. In addition we can be contacted through the contact page. We also have stories about street names, explanation of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD),a page on the Saltmarsh and other information and useful links. There is a  map showing directions at the bottom of this page.

 We are pleased to announce the that construction is complete for  Stages 4 ,5 and 6. For sale with title issued.

                                                                                                      All have great bay views and all underground services including NBN Fibre to the premises. All our lots have titles.

Stage  16C of North Bay is complete with titles and features quality driveways and landscaping with 1 low density lotsremaining. 


With the recent connection of Tollard Drive to the South Arm Highway your new dream home is only minutes drive away from  Shoreline shopping centre, local shops and schools. 

in November. 

See overall plan of available lots at the bottom of this page.


The lots have stunning water views with sunny and sheltered aspects. 


North Bay is a place where you would like to live.  Buy now before the first home builder's grant ends.  Your new dream home is now available in a fabulous location.  Contact us now to make your dreams come true. 

Environmentally Friendly

The lots  have the following features:

  • Water sensitive urban design;

  • Mandatory water tanks to protect the Derwent River from pollution and to save you money;

  • Landscaped with colourful Tasmanian native plants;

  • Over 12 years involvement with Tranmere and Clarence Plains Landcare Group in working to preserve and enhance the saltmarch at the mouth of the Clarence Plains Rivulet.

  • We are now constructing a freshwater wetland in front of Lots 130 to 134 to add stormwater protection for the Clarence Plains Saltmarsh and it will be an attractive feature.


  • Shared bicycle and pedestrian walkways in coloured exposed aggregate concrete

  • Custom street lighting


Water Views

  • The  lots are mainly 20 metres wide which maximises the stunning water views available from all allottments. 

  • There is a sunny aspect  sheltered from prevailing Westerly winds.



NBN - Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) has  been  available since 2016.

North Bay Tasmania Hobart land water vie

North Bay

Current Offers
We are pleased to announce a gift voucher of $300.00 for Plants of Tasmania Nursery with each lot sold in all new stages after Stage 1. 

Click on the logo for the list and images of available Tasmanian native plants that are local to the  North Bay Subdivision region.

 Video of North Bay development looking to East

Autumn Sunrise North Bay Subdivision

Stage 17 and 18 titles now available.

Fabulous new lots with outstanding water views.

Site Plan & Other Stages With Lots Available-

North Bay Hobart Tasmania Land water vie
house land Tasmnania
Saltmarsh views land Hobart new homes

Freshwater wetland constructed to protect the Saltmarsh from stormwater runoff.

land Rokeby Tasmania Hobart
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